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Access to independent medical advice has grown in importance over recent years as work pressures and demands on the already stretched NHS increase.

Time lost waiting for GP appointments, visiting GP surgeries close to home and inevitable delays waiting for hospital treatment all have an unnecessary impact on your employee’s wellbeing, corporate efficiency and profitability.

Ensuring your employers are on the fastest and most appropriate treatment paths not only benefits you, but also offers an employee benefit that sets your company apart from your competitors.

DOCTORnow offer a range of corporate services designed to ensure speedy access to medical advice.


Doctor consultation voucher scheme
DOCTORnow offers pre-paid appointment vouchers, valid for an unlimited timeframe, which entitle your employees to see one of our doctors for a consultation of up to 30 minutes during our extensive surgery hours which are Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm at our Beaconsfield surgery and at selected times at our Wexham and Windsor locations.
Corporate Membership
By signing up to one of our Assurance Plans, you can enroll your employees as members of DOCTORnow with the following options:

Corporate VIP Membership: The VIP Membership entitles employees to free of charge surgery and telephone consultations during surgery hours.

Corporate VIP24 Membership: The VIP24 Membership entitles employees who live within our catchment area (please click here to find out which postcodes we cover), to all the benefits of the VIP Membership, but with the addition of access to our out of hours telephone number.  Employees have access to a Doctor 24/7; 365 days a year and are entitled to home visits*

*Home visits fees apply – these are at a discounted rate for VIP24 members

Corporate Retainer Membership

An annual retainer fee per employee offers you access to our in-surgery GP consultations at reduced fees.


DOCTORnow offers a bespoke on-site surgery package, designed to minimise the disruption to your employees’ working day by enabling them to see a Doctor at your premises, thus saving you time and money.

NHS surgeries may not always offer appointments at times outside of the normal working day resulting in employees having to take time off or stay absent until they can get an appointment. This can easily add up to many hours or even days of absence, as the average member of the public sees their GP six times a year.

The DOCTORnow on-site consultation package gives you the flexibility to choose the number of appointments you would like to have to start the service (a minimum of 4) which can then be increased if you find there is more demand. Appointment lengths are 15 minutes.

Our service can offer on-site surgeries on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Telephone consultations

Doctor telephone consultations can be arranged to enable your employees to speak to a Doctor either at home or at work during our opening hours, to assess their needs and advise on the next recommended course of action. Depending on the medical issue, this may sometimes mean that a face to face consultation with a Doctor is needed if the issue cannot be dealt with over the phone.

If any medication is needed, we could arrange for the necessary prescriptions to arrive the same day at a pharmacy local to your employee, enabling them to start any treatment straight away, or continue existing treatment, should a repeat prescription be needed.

Remote Video consultations

We are shortly going to be launching a secure virtual consultation service. This will enable your employees to have a remote “face to face” consultation with a Doctor either at the employees home or in a suitable private room at the workplace. Whilst there are a significant number of medical issues that can be dealt with by video consultation, some will require the patient to be seen by a Doctor in a traditional consultation setting, either at the workplace (if you opt for our on-site surgeries), or at one of our surgery locations.

Health Screening

At DOCTORnow we believe in supporting and enabling our patients to proactively manage their health and wellbeing. Our Wellman and Wellwoman Lifeplan health screens can help your key employees proactively manage their health based on both their lifestyle and their past and family medical history.

Pre-employment Medicals

Many employers elect to ask successful job applicants to undergo pre-employment medical checks to ensure their fitness to perform the job and to identify any pre-existing medical condition.

Industry Specific Health Screening

Some industries require regular health screening because of the working environment or materials used. For example, lung function testing; blood screenings; audiometry test etc. DOCTORnow can conduct this type of screening at your premises, providing a private room is available.

Employee Medical Reviews

To help you manage sickness absence, we are able to undertake independent medical reviews of employees who have either been off sick long term or who have been having frequent episodes of sickness absence.

Annual Flu Vaccination

DOCTORnow offer on-site flu vaccination clinics to our corporate members, whereby our practice nurse visits your premises at a convenient time to administer flu vaccinations to your employees.

How we
have helped

My company’s employees have benefitted from DOCTORnow membership for several years now. We work in a fast paced industry, and we are particularly impressed with the ease with which our team can speak to and see a Doctor quickly. This is an invaluable service and one that brings significant savings and efficiencies to our business, the benefits easily outweighing the cost. The Wellwoman and Wellman health screening service is also an important benefit for my more senior personnel. Screening helps with early identification of any issues and enables them to proactively manage their health and wellbeing.


If a member of the 5G team becomes unwell, the company is able to quickly arrange for them to be seen by a GP at the Beaconsfield Clinic.

This means that the employee does not have to worry about having to wait for an appointment and possibly ending up feeling more unwell in the meantime, affecting both their work and their home life. Having fast access to a GP enables their health issue to be identified and dealt with as soon as possible.


  • Fast access to GP appointments and extended surgery opening hours – 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9pm to 4pm on Saturdays
  • Fast turnaround of diagnostic test results to aid diagnosis
  • Employees feel well supported by the company and are helped back to health as soon as possible
  • Reduces the amount of sickness absence and both the pressure such absence puts on the rest of the team and the cost to the business

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How we
have helped

Softcat Limited have used the DOCTORnow service for a number of years with great success. We find the flexibility of holding regular in-house surgeries a real benefit for our employees and, therefore, for the business too. The DOCTORnow service allows our staff to receive treatment quickly, efficiently and in confidence. We have always found the GPs to be approachable, friendly and very knowledgeable. This service saves us, as a business, time and money and ensures our staff feel that Softcat is supportive of their needs.

Amanda Moir, Senior Internal Recruiter


DOCTORnow run a weekly GP clinic for staff at Softcat’s head office in Marlow. Appointment slots are 15 minutes and the company runs an internal appointment booking system. Employees do not have to take time out of work to see a GP. Catching medical issues early means that any necessary treatment can start quickly helping employees to feel better as soon as possible.


  • Less waiting time to see a Doctor.
  • Earlier diagnosis and the prompt start of any necessary treatment
  • Reduces time off sick and extra staff cover needed
  • Seen by employees as a valuable employer provided benefit

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