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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Member to use your service?
Can I still be registered with my NHS GP and use your service?
Do you have access to my NHS medical records?
Will my NHS GP know I have been to see you?
I am visiting the area from abroad or from another part of the UK, can I still be seen?
Do you use locum or agency Doctors or Nurses?
Do you have both male and female Doctors?
How long are the consultations with a Doctor?
What happens if I need to be referred to a Specialist?
Can you refer me to NHS Specialists/Clinics rather than privately?
Can you issue NHS prescriptions?
What are your opening hours?
Do I have to book an appointment or can I just walk in to see a Doctor?
What happens if I miss an appointment?
How can I pay?
Am I entitled to have a chaperone during my GP or nurse appointment?

What our patients have to say

How easy is getting through on the phone?

97% Easy

How satisfied were you with the home visit?

97% Satisfied

How good are our GP’s at giving you enough time?

100% Good

How satisfied are you with our opening hours?

97% Satisfied

Would you recommend DOCTORnow to others?

100% Yes

In general, how satisfied are you with the level of care you get from DOCTORnow?

100% Satisfied