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Doctor-led Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tests
Test Purpose Additional Advice
COVID-19 Test
If a patient is symptomatic (displaying symptoms) or has been recently exposed to the virus, diagnosis can be confirmed by taking a swab sample from the respiratory tract. This test can also be used to confirm that a patient does not have a current infection and might also be used for the purpose of travel to certain countries.
Antibody Test
(Blood Sample Test)
If a person has been exposed outside of the PCR testing window, this test will determine whether a patient has had an immune response. IgM antibodies are produced first, followed by IgG. An IgG result would provide evidence of a recent infection. This is a qualitative test and can be done when a person is free of symptoms. Evidence surrounding COVID-19 is however changing constantly, as such this test will not determine that the presence of antibodies on the day of testing will provide lasting immunity to the virus.
RT-PCR Test + Antibody If the window of infection is unknown and a patient needs to understand their current infection status the doctor might recommend the use of both tests as a useful diagnostic tool. This option might also be useful for patients who are asymptomatic (no symptoms) but need to confirm status before travelling or returning to the workplace.

Accuracy, also referred to specificity and sensitivity, range from 96-99% for all tests provided by DoctorNow .

Medically-led testing – It is important that patients fully understand the purpose and results of COVID-19 testing in the context of the current pandemic and governmental advice. Our COVID-19 testing service is doctor-led to ensure patients understand both the outcome and interpretation of results.

The Coronavirus tests available at DoctorNow are available for patients to understand their current infection status and in preparation for when the current social distancing measures are lifted. Until such time, we recommend that patients continue to follow governmental advice.

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