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Ear wax, which is produced naturally by glands in the ear canal, is essential to good ear health.  It helps to protect the ear canal from bacteria and foreign bodies that can lead to infections.  Sometimes ear wax can become hard and impacted, which can lead to discomfort or temporary hearing loss.

At DOCTORnow we offer a range of safe and effective ear wax removal options.  On examination of your ears during your appointment, our clinician will be able to determine the best solution for you involving one or more of the following techniques:

  • Microsuction – this involves the clinician looking in your ear with a microscope which magnifies the ear. This makes it easier to assess and clean the ear using a suction device that does not require water.
  • Irrigation – this involves the clinician flushing the ear with a gentle flow of warm water using specialist equipment
  • Instrumentation – this involves the clinician using a specialist medical instrument called a Jobson –Horne probe, which can be used to remove a lump of ear wax sitting just inside the ear or is mixed with a foreign body

To book an appointment for ear wax removal, call us on 01494 410888

FeesVIP/​ VIP24/​ VIP24+ MemberPay As You Go
Ear Wax Removal (Nurse)£80.00£100.00
Ear Wax Removal (Home visit - Nurse)£180.00£200.00
Ear Wax Removal (Nurse)
VIP/​ VIP24/​ VIP24+ MemberPay As You Go
Ear Wax Removal (Home visit - Nurse)
VIP/​ VIP24/​ VIP24+ MemberPay As You Go

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