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Medical Procedures

We are able to offer a variety of medical procedures to inform diagnosis as well as to help monitor existing conditions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • 7 day Brady DX ECG Monitor
    The monitor is lightweight, lead-free, extended-wear ECG monitor that records your heart rhythm for up to 7 days.  It gives an insight into your heart’s electrical activity over a longer period of time to aid in the diagnosis of arrhythmia.
  • 24 hour ECG Monitor
    A 24 hour ECG records how well your heart is working over the course of a normal day’s routine, and is used to check for abnormalities in your heart beat such as arrhythmia.
  • Ambulatory (24 hour) BP Monitor
    A 24 hour blood pressure monitor is used to measure and record your blood pressure over the course of a normal daily routine. It can be used to diagnose both high (hypertension) and low (hypotension) blood pressure.
  • Hearing tests (Audiogram/Tympanogram)
    An audiogram is a type of hearing test that provides a detailed description of your hearing ability and can be used to determine if you are suffering with hearing loss. A Tympanogram is a type of hearing test that primarily provides information regarding middle ear function.
  • Cervical Screening
    A cervical screening test is a method of detecting abnormal cells on the cervix.
  • Cryotherapy
    Cryotherapy is a technique that uses extremely cold liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy abnormal skin cells that require removal such as warts and verrucae.
  • Dressings
    We have a wide range of dressings to suit both simple and complex wounds.
  • ECG
    An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that can be used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity.
  • Joint Injection
    A joint injection is an injection of local anaesthetic and a steroid medication into a joint with the aim of providing temporary pain relief.
  • Lung Function Test
    Spirometry, one type of lung function test, checks how well your lungs work. This test looks at how much air your lungs can hold and how quickly you can move air in and out of your lungs.
  • Serial BP Readings
    Serial Blood Pressure readings allow clinicians to monitor your blood pressure readings over a period of time.

If you would like to book an appointment or for further information regarding any of our medical procedures, please contact us on 01494 410 888.