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At DOCTORnow we believe in supporting and enabling you to proactively manage your health and wellbeing. We work with you to develop individually tailored health plans based on specific risk factors indicated by your lifestyle, time of life, past medical and social and family history to enable you to take control of your health. Having regular check-ups will identify if there are any medical problems – the earlier these are identified, the greater chance there is of a cure or minimising the impact on your health.

Our Wellman and Wellwoman medicals provide a head-to-toe screening for degenerative illness. This enables us to not only recommend treatment for your current state of health, but allows us to work with you to create a unique health plan for the next 10 years maximising your chances of remaining healthy. This is a two-stage medical with a nurse and a doctor which includes comprehensive blood tests (the results of which the Doctor will have when you see them), ECG, lung function testing and a cervical smear test for women and a prostate check for men, if appropriate.

In addition we also offer the following medicals:

  • Fitness to Drive
  • Fitness to Travel
  • Fitness to Perform
  • Racing Driver Medical
  • HGV Driver Medical

Please note that for some of the above medicals we may require a copy of your NHS medical summary in order to be able to carry out the medical.

Corporate medicals

    DOCTORnow also offers a range of corporate services including pre-employment medicals and independent medical reviews for employees who have been off sick long-term. For more information, please contact the surgery on 01494 410888.
MedicalsVIP/​VIP24/​ VIP24+VIPiPay As You Go
Wellman/Wellwoman Medical£490.00£545.00£545.00
Fitness to drive/perform/travel£170.00£200.00£200.00
Racing Car Driver Medical£212.50£250.00£250.00
HGV Driver£170.00£200.00£200.00
Employment MedicalTBATBATBA
Wellman/Wellwoman Medical
VIP/​VIP24/​ VIP24+VIPiPay As You Go
Fitness to drive/perform/travel
VIP/​VIP24/​ VIP24+VIPiPay As You Go
Racing Car Driver Medical
VIP/​VIP24/​ VIP24+VIPiPay As You Go
HGV Driver
VIP/​VIP24/​ VIP24+VIPiPay As You Go
Employment Medical
VIP/​VIP24/​ VIP24+VIPiPay As You Go

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